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Commercial Energy Supplier in CT

Connecticut commercial business owners are now more in control of their energy bills than ever before. Energy deregulation has made it possible for every customer to choose which energy supplier in CT they feel will give them the most affordable service. Many customers are confused at what these changes may mean for them. Here are answers to a few of the questions people have asked.

Do I have to choose a new company?

No, there is no obligation to select a new Commercial energy supplier in CT. Any customer happy with the rates they are now paying can leave their account the way it is and not make any changes.

How will I be billed?

You will still receive only one bill which will be sent from your local power company. Most companies will itemize charges allowing customers to see what they are paying to the supplier and what is being paid to the power company for the delivery of that energy. Customers pay the entire bill to the local power company, which will then forward it to the appropriate supplier.

Who do I call if there is a power outage?

You should notify your local power company in the event of any service interruptions. All power lines, meters, and equipment are still owned by the local power company and are their responsibility to replace, repair, and maintain.

How do I sign up with a new company?

When you decide which company you want as your supplier, you only need to call them or sign up on their website to begin your account. They will notify the local power company of the changes. It is suggested that everyone be aware of both the rates each company charges as well as any additional fees which may be included before they sign any agreements.

If I do not like my new energy supplier can I go back to my old one?

You can change energy suppliers at any time, but always check your agreement first. Many companies require a contract be accepted for a specific amount of time, and an early termination fee could be charged if you do not meet that requirement. You will need to contact your local power company in order to return to your original supplier.

What if I am a business owner?

Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, the same rules and conditions apply. The Energy supplier in CT- Commercial Business owners needs will be whichever one offers the best rates for the amount of power they typically use. Some companies offer different rates depending on the average usage level of the account.

All suppliers, both the commercial Energy supplier in CT– Commercial Business owners choose and those residential customers select, are required to be licensed and follow state regulations in order to supply power to Connecticut customers. Your local power company, the energy suppliers, and even the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority can all answer questions customers may have about the new options available.


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