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Electricity Supplier in MA

For generations, monopolistic electricity suppliers controlled all aspects of generating and distributing power in Massachusetts. That dynamic changed dramatically in 1998 when the state deregulated the energy market for Massachusetts residents. That move altered the market substantially, as challengers to established Electricity suppliers in MA were allowed to explore and establish new options for utility consumers. The net result of deregulation is that consumers are, in most areas, allowed to select their utility supply sources rather than being subjected to monopoly pricing.

What Actually Changed With Deregulation and What Stayed the Same?

Prior to deregulation, local utility providers handled all aspects of supplying electrical power for residents in their service areas. Consumers had no option but to purchase energy from the local utility at the prevailing rate. There were no other choices available. Utility providers handled all aspects of distribution, including billing, providing installation and repair services, and delivering the power to consumers.

After deregulation, Energy Suppliers in MA like Abest Power and Gas stepped into the power supply arena. Abest Power and Gas enters into contracts with wholesale energy producers, generally controlling price increases more effectively than local utility providers did in the past. Deregulation, in effect, forced modernization and competition in what had traditionally been monopolized markets.

The billing, service aspects, and delivery remain the responsibility of the local utility companies. However, in deregulated portions of Massachusetts, local utilities no longer control the source of the power they distribute. Consumers select the provider they feel is best to meet their specific needs.

How has deregulation affected pricing?

Massachusetts is only one state in the region implementing some form of deregulation, but in virtually all affected areas deregulation has forced the costs for generating power down. Abest Power and Gas, like any Electricity supplier in MA, demands price concessions from power generators in return for the contracts they enter into. Power grid efficiencies have improved significantly since deregulation to meet those pricing demands.

Local utility companies, on the other hand, are struggling to improve their delivery infrastructures and, in many areas, consumers have not seen reductions in the rates charged by those local companies. That suggests consumers must be vigilant and select providers, like Abest Power and Gas that provide lower rates to offset those local fees.

What is Likely to Happen in the Future?

Abest Power and Gas will continue to pressure power generators to improve efficiencies and keep wholesale prices low. As a residential and commercial energy supplier in MA, Abest Power and Gas understands that greater efficiencies are needed throughout the power generating and delivery systems to keep consumer costs under control. Deregulation has helped control costs in the supply portions of the utility cost equation, but local utilities still need to improve their delivery efficiency. Most local utility companies are working hard to make that happen; suggesting consumers will eventually reap the rewards of those efforts as well.

Keeping power generating, distribution, and delivery costs under control is the goal of deregulation. Consumers now have choices and can use those choices to monitor and control their energy costs with Abest Power and Gas.

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