Energy Supplier in CT – Homeowners can choose an Energy Supplier

Energy Supplier in CT

Since 1998, residents have had the ability to choose from a number of licensed, regulated Energy Suppliers in Connecticut for their electricity needs. Connecticut’s partially deregulated energy system means that consumers still pay and deal directly with their existing utility service, like Connecticut Light & Power or United Illuminating, while enjoying the freedom of choice and lower rates that independent Energy suppliers in CT can provide.

One Familiar Bill. The Same Service. Lower Rates.

Choosing an energy supplier like Abest Power & Gas will not disrupt or noticeably alter your existing electricity service. You will still be billed by your current electric utility and receive repairs and other services from that company when you need them. Making the choice means only that the power your utility delivers to you is ultimately purchased by the supplier that you select. That new arrangement can entail a number of important advantages:

  • Lower Energy Rates: Competitive, licensed CT energy suppliers seek out the best rates for their customers on active regional wholesale energy markets. They constantly search the Northeast’s power producers for chances to source and buy power at lower prices, passing the savings on to their customers.
  • Flexibility: Abest Power & Gas offers attractive rate plans that are designed to best meet the needs of homeowners and corporations. Our fixed-rate arrangements allow families to more easily plan ahead and remain within set budgets, insulating them from the changing conditions of energy markets. Variable rate plans allow homeowners to benefit from times of falling energy prices, and can enhance the positive effects of improved energy consumption patterns.
  • The Same Reliable Service: Residential and commercial energy suppliers in CT like Abest Power & Gas simply acquire and channel electricity into the power grids of utilities on behalf of their customers. Even after choosing to a different energy supplier, you will enjoy the same relationship with your electric utility as always. You will still pay your local electric company for the service and power you receive, with a minor informational change on your bill reflecting the new arrangement. You will still count on your electric utility for meter reading, service calls, and other assistance.

Choosing a provider is Easy, Seamless, and Fast

Making the switch to an Electricity supplier in Connecticut like Abest Power & Gas is as simple as could be. A single phone call or online sign-up sets the process in motion, and the actual transition to an Energy supplier in CT is dependable and seamless, with no interruption in service whatsoever.

For most homeowners, making use of Energy suppliers in CT is a clear win, bringing lower rates and no downsides. In the case of having second thoughts, switching to another Energy supplier in CT or back to a full-service arrangement with a utility company is generally just as fast and easy. Exploring what a new Energy supplier in CT might have to offer to your family can pay off greatly, and is easy and safe to do as well.


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