Energy Supplier in MA: What Changes to Expect and What Stays the Same

Energy Supplier in MA

Energy deregulation has made it possible for homeowners to choose a Energy Supplier in MA like Abest Power, to supply them with their energy needs. This applies to both residential and commercial customers. Each customer will have the freedom to research every Electricity supplier in Massachusetts to see which company can offer them the best energy rate.These rates offered can be fixed or variable and are available for all customers to view prior to making a decision. Customers can select the plan which looks the most reasonable to them.

Choosing a new supplier will only change who supplies the energy. Customers changing their electricity supplier will notice no differences after they have made the change other than a potential reduction in their energy bill. The responsibilities of the local utility company will remain basically the same after a new energy supplier in Massachusetts has been chosen.

  • The local power company will still be delivering power to homes and businesses through the existing distribution lines.
  • All meter reading will be completed as it has been in the past, and the power company will be responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of meters as needed.
  • All maintenance, repairs, and services calls related to utility lines will be the responsibility of the local power company.
  • There will be only one itemized bill sent from the local power company. It will include their service charges and the charges from the energy supplier.
  • The local office is responsible for paying the Energy supplier in MA that has been chosen by the customer. Once the bills have been paid to the local company by the customer, the money will be forwarded to the supplier.
  • Any power outages or problems with the service should be reported to the local utility company.
  • Customers will still call the power company to have their service changed when they move.

There will be no interruption in utility services either before or after the new electricity supplier in MA, like Abest Power and Gas is chosen. All of the equipment will stay the same as will the contact numbers for power outages and emergencies. The only thing that may change is the rate customers are paying for their energy. A variety of fixed or variable plans are available from Abest Power and Gas for you to choose from. Abest Power and Gas are required to be licensed and must follow all rules and regulations established by the Department of Public Utilities. Please contact Abest Power today and see how we can offer you a competitive energy rate plan.

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