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Are you paying too much for your household electricity? Let Abest Power & Gas provide you with a low rate plan that fits your budget. Simply enter your zip code to the right or call 1-888-98-POWER ( 987-6937) to speak with an Abest Representative today!


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Running a small business is challenging enough without all the extra overhead. Abest Power & Gas can help by reducing the cost of your electricity. Enter your zip code to the right to view our competative rate plans or call 1-888-98-POWER ( 987-6937) to speak with a Representative today!


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If your a large business, you may benefit from our customized large commercial rate plans. Simply enter your zip code to the right to request a fixed price rate plan or call 1-888-98-POWER ( 987-6937) to speak with an Abest Representative today!

CT Electricity Supplier- Abest Power Offers Competitive Energy Rate Plans to Lower Monthly Utility Bills

Today you have a choice in your CT Electricity Supplier. In the past, Connecticut residents were forced to purchase electricity directly from the Public Utility. This monopoly eliminated competition, which resulted in high energy prices and disgruntled customers.Connecticut Light & Power still owns the infrastructure and delivers the electricity, Abest Power & Gas can lower your monthly bill.

How Does It Work?

Deregulation creates an open market for electricity. Just as you can choose where to buy gasoline for your car, clothes for work, and groceries for your pantry, you can now decide between multiple Energy Suppliers in Connecticut. There is no reason to overpay to light, heat, or cool your home when alternatives exist.

When you choose Abest Power & Gas, nothing changes except the price. You still receive power from the same source and you still pay your bill to the same utility. The only difference is that your new supplier negotiates a better rate so more of your money stays in the bank where it belongs.

The United States is second only to China in electricity consumption, with Americans using almost 4 trillion kilowatt-hours every year. While it helps to practice energy conservation by turning off lights and unplugging appliances, it is just as important to pay as little as possible for electricity.


This includes:

  • Homeowners: The cost of home ownership is prohibitive, so choosing a competitive energy supplier in CT will help to save money wherever possible.
  • Renters: Don’t settle for high electricity rates to power your apartment or rental property; if you pay utilities to your landlord, talk to him or her about lowering your energy rate plan with Abest Power.
  • Corporations: Powering a large office building or industrial facility is expensive, so don’t settle for a high rate and choose a quality commercial energy supplier in CT like Abest Power.

Choosing a new CT Electricity supplier lowers your bill and provides you with better peace of mind. When the bill arrives in the mail each month, you’ll smile rather than grimace at the total amount owed.

How Do the Rate Plans Work?

Just like with cell phones, cable television, and Internet service, electricity suppliers offer multiple packages and plans to customize your service. The right rate plan for you depends on your monthly budgeting needs and your electricity usage patterns.

The two basic types of electricity rate plans are variable and fixed.

A variable rate plan features prices that increase and decrease based on market conditions. You might pay one price per kilowatt hour this month, then see a lower price next month. Variable plans are ideal for residents and business owners who want to take advantage of lower prices when the market dips.

Fixed plans, on the other hand, feature a single rate for a specific length of time, such as one year. If you live on a tight budget, fixed plans help you budget your money more accurately without any unexpected hikes in cost.

Take Control of Your Electricity

Whether you need a CT Energy Supplier or a electricity supplier in MA, you are not stuck with your current monthly rate plan. Connecticut and Massachusetts consumers have a choice. Instead, you can take control over your electricity (and your energy rates) by switching Electricity suppliers in CT and MA with Abest Power & Gas. Call us today to learn more about our money-saving options.



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Thanks to deregulation, you have the power to choose your electricity supplier.

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