About Abest Power & Gas

About Abest Power & Gas


Abest Power & Gas is a licensed Connecticut energy supplier that provides secureĀ energy rate plans for commercial business and residential homes. We strive to be an industry leader and elevate the quality of the services we provide by building trust and helping the customers we serve. Abest Power & Gas offers programs and services designed to help lower energy costs and protect our customers from sudden price increases. We maintain a low overhead and run a lean operation which enables us to maintain competitive products.

Abest Power & Gas was founded by business professionals that have extensive experience in deregulated energy markets.


Abest Power & Gas is committed to being a respected energy industry leader that provides economical and secure rate plans for businesses and homes. We believe in constant improvement and work daily to build quality relationships by delivering value, stability and providing the best service possible. We want to be the best choice for energy supply.

Frank Rosa
Founder & CEO
Michael Golde
Chief Financial Officer
Dana Maggio
Director of Operations